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Dr. Kasey Huff
Hello! I offer a compassionate, non-judgmental space to explore yourself and deepen your understanding of your intuition, passion, motivation, challenges, and emotions.

We will create therapy goals and identify any barriers to achieving them. Together, we will monitor your progress and identify ways to overcome obstacles in your life's path to realize your potential. My goal is to create a safe space to explore any difficulties you may be facing through cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, somatic experiencing therapy exercises, body-based psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

As a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, I work with clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and who may have a history of traumatic experiences. I specialize in working with teens and adults who seek to improve relationships, build self-trust, tap into their inner wisdom, and find true purpose and meaning within their life.

If this sounds like a match, please reach out. You can expect to walk away from our first session feeling heard. A tentative direction for the therapeutic process will be outlined by clarifying goals for therapy. After a month or so, you can expect to understand the therapeutic process and begin to see signs of progress unfolding in your life.

Therapist Kasey Huff.
A place to be heard
Why choose Empowered Life Therapy?

Early in my career, I realized there is a need for greater access to care and mental health treatments and that isolation and unnecessary pain and suffering can emerge when there aren't enough options available. That's why I joined the movement of eliminating the stigma of mental health by founding Empowered Life Therapy. Now, I offer proven treatments that focus on both the big and small pictures. I offer services to clients within the entire state of Illinois via a secure online platform.

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Worth it.
Macro level

Consciously contribute to the collective momentum of uprooting oppression, challenge stigma operating against mental health treatment, and understand the impact that intergenerational trauma has on individuals and communities.

A Few Good Men
Micro level

Utilize a holistic approach to better understand the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Normalize mental health struggles, improve emotional well-being, increase self-awareness and self-compassion, and dissolve barriers to goal achievement so you can live your best life.

Find your peace
Take control of your mental health with a trusted partner who will always have your back.