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A different kind of therapy

Connecting your mind and body
Are you struggling with your mental health?
Empowered Life Therapy can help

Here at Empowered Life Therapy, we offer a number of expert mental health counseling sessions designed to treat various symptoms. No matter what challenges you're facing, we invite you to join us in our judgment-free zone to receive the help you deserve.

Our process
What to expect from your counseling session

Getting the help you need can seem overwhelming, but we've streamlined our approach to make it as easy and effective as possible for you.

  • A young man in a counseling session.
    STEP 01
    Gather information

    We start with our intake process and initial meeting. This is where we gather current and historical information about your mental health and discuss what you hope to get out of our sessions.

  • Female therapist taking notes.
    STEP 02
    Create treatment plan

    Working together, we'll create a treatment plan designed with your unique goals and objectives in mind. We will discuss your preferences, needs, and strengths to truly personalize your sessions.

  • Woman meditating peacefully.
    STEP 03
    We do the work

    We will verify we are on track to meet your goals during treatment sessions. We will explore the progress you have made and make any necessary revisions in the treatment plan at this point to course correct.

  • Smiling woman holding flowers.
    STEP 4

    We will discuss the next steps of your treatments to maintain the progress you have made so far during our sessions regarding your goal achievement to ensure you continue living your best life possible.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, HSA cards, and most major insurances

Find your peace
Take control of your mental health with a trusted partner who will always have your back.