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  • Clients can expect to walk away from their first session feeling heard. A tentative direction for the therapeutic process will be outlined in the first session by clarifying short-term and long-term goals for therapy. After a month or two, clients can expect to understand the therapeutic process in counseling and begin to see signs of progress unfolding in their lives. At this point, a deeper sense of self-awareness and emotional well-being will begin to emerge.

  • We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, somatic experiencing sessions, body-based psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy and psychodynamic therapy. If desired, we will incorporate your spiritual or religious values into our work.

  • A strength we have is the ability to incorporate the wisdom inherent within the body into our work together. Have you ever tapped into body-based knowing? For example, have you ever noticed yourself saying "yes" even though you felt a "no" in your body? By pausing for a moment and gathering all information before responding, we can make choices that align with our highest good. Uncovering this body-based wisdom will be a part of our work together.

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